so yea im a metal vocalist from the bay area and looking for projects to work on...played in quite a good amount of notable underground bay area bands.P.e.O.r.I.a(sorra/adora), Belt Of Orion(battle for ozzfest),
undeclared, grabnkouf,skunk vmoit, tirade, etc etc etc vox are notably similiar to greg petrucci from dillinge escape plan as well as mke patton from faith no more, got amazing control of my highs and lows as well as capable of pretty much any singing/growling/screaming/ style necessary!.....if any needs vox im your man! the best from the bay is open for collabs :)

get at me if your interested!!!

yours truly

mr.von doom

anyone need a metal vocalist to do vox on there songs?

looking for collabs

2008-10-12 07:40:51 by AlexVonDoom

yo my band and i are looking for artists to collab with us if you want up to you but were droppin our full length soon and would be nice to get some other cats on there too

looking for collabs

lookin for beats

2008-08-17 04:08:32 by AlexVonDoom

what it do..

ay i'm lookin for beats for my full length i'm fittin to drop in the next couple omnths its half way done just need to get some more beats foto finish it up and also for future projects

if you down to help i'm willin to pay and also you get full creds on the album for production